As a remote location it was necessary to tackle different problems like long hours of load shedding , battery charging etc. I wrote another program for Microchip microcontroller PIC16F72 and made interactive interface which could reply about various parameters in Morse code, a simple telemetry. Complex program consumed 80% of flash memory of pic16f72. Program does everything right from reading voltage, reading temperature , driving display, math's, generating Morse , ptt, Morse tone and reading BCD data from MT8870.
Parameters includes battery voltage, system running on AC or Battery, outside temperature , low battery warning and low battery cut-off. By simply pressing DTMF key #1 you can get out side temp in Morse code, by pressing #2 gives battery voltage, by pressing #8 gives you "A" for a AC or "B" for battery. While having QSO if battery voltage falls below 11.7vdc , small beep is given every 10 seconds, alerting users about battery status. If battery voltage falls below critical level 11.4 vdc, relay disconnects power (not used any more, due to inverter).
Recently I have updated the program and it includes remotely switching ON -OFF repeater. It uses DTMF six digit code to do the operation in a specific sequence, there are 2 different codes for ON and OFF. It has to be incorporated to prevent fishermen entering in to input frequency of the repeater, as the 2m band highly infested by fishermen in Mumbai.


Gunasinghe said...

Hi I m Gayan 4S6GGS in Sri lanka

Михаил Димитров said...

This is great interface i like it very much!!! Great job!!! Is it possible to share schematics or more info i want to improve our repeater town system!!!

73s de LZ1MOB!